As well as I know, we are equal.

Each member of this world…

From every continents, religions and countries…

We are equal.

In past, Nearly all nations struggled. The world went into global war twice. But, Still seems to have not taken any lessons from past experinces. So, there are still disagreements around the world.

In this essay, I will try to talk about chronic conflicts of our world and I want to present you Mr. Status Quo!

First of all, civil wars and turmoils are still ongoing worldwide. Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc.

Secondly, embargos and prohibitions for some countries choke to millions like Venezuela, Iran, North Korea.

Thirdly, Racism and nationalism are rising day by day.

Based on the examples above, the world is in chronic conflict like a chronic patient. Suffering and suffering…

Well, How will world system İmprove? What is the way to heal ?

Before talking about healing, Let me present you Mr. Status Quo!

Mr. Status Quo is the main reason of world chronic troubles. İt İncludes people from all nations. Some are soldiers, some are rich and some are politicians. Common points is maintain the current layout.

Now, you know Mr. Status Quo!

You can encounter in times of economic crisis, wars and/or in daily life.

To sum up, Actually you know Mr. Status Quo!?

Firstly, İf world prefer to improve, it must change Mr. to Mrs. Because Female elegance can help not male hardness.

We need Respect!

Secondly, we must choose to be united not seperation.

we have to build bridges not destroy.

The most of important, we must change if you want to see a bettter world.

Summaries, wish change! But starting from yourself. ?

“İf not us, who?; if not now, when?”


The famous quote ”If not us, who? And if not now, when?” is meant to inspire people to take action now and to not wait for someone else to step up. It implies that a person should find who they truly are and use it to change the world.

Best Regards,


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